A skiver get crewed by me.

Federico, an Italian-French, he is fed up with snow chores. He’s on holiday, so he prefers sleeping to clearing away the snow in front of the chalet! He feigns that he’s ill and stays in the warm under his blanket. He book to fly to this holiday winter resort, his fantasy is to hire me as his male nurse examining him thoroughly and immediately finds out he’s been play-acting all along. He hates skivers like him. So I am going to teach him a lesson to remember as a male nurse skiver too following the scenario set up by him. During the visit, I asked him to show me his pink firm buttocks, but instead of taking his temperature, I slipped 1 finger in, then 2 and then 3 right into his cold and hot arse when inside. Surprised, Federico lets out a scream of pleasure before surrendering himself to the anal to-and-fro movements. I fucked the guy, kissed and then took him on the one of the resort’s tables. Federico is rather the passive type, so he started giving the doctor a passionate blowjob for the second time around. Deep throated, the latter feels my cock sucked up by his bottomless mouth. He wanted me to feel his anus. Incredibly tough, the mountain, as the only male nurse or doctor I gave him a taste of the hidden charms of Chamonix. The groans of pleasure finally end with such an amazing cum explosion from his part that it could cover the Mont Blanc.

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