Absolutely awesome!

After a tough walking day on the mountains, this bisexual married guy that I m calling Rick booked for an earlier workout sex in his private of his house while madam was away on holiday.
But Rick’s mistress was sleeping undisturbed on the dormitory seats… Until Sarah, the hot girl from the next room caught us and team up with a SUPER SALACIOUS showing off! She enters their room half-naked, spreads her legs and wanks her pussy like a nasty bitch! Her yells of pleasure wake her up and Rick who, turned on by her too, can’t help WANKING AND SUCKING ME! Sarah intervenes, and shows rick how to give a good blowjob on me. The latest step in me to demonstrate to her how to Rick an ASS POUND A GUY PROPERLY! Rick sucked me off and I fucked him!!!

Generous by nature, I did not hesitate to offer to fuck her as well while he watch the same treatment, so I gave Rick and her “a dose of his bisexual pleasure” before leaving return to bed upstairs for the Sunday grace matinee.

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