Your Attention: Be aware that I am only an entertainer escort masseur and not a drug dealer. So it is advisable for you to get whatever substance you need before contacting me for fun.

  • What is the perfect date & how would it work for you?
  • It certainly works well but don’t think that it will always be the most wonderful event of your life. But if you like it enough first time, you may want to try it again and experiment. It’s after all a business deal me who is selling you my time and my company not a relationship. If you are the type of gentleman our guys enjoy and respect then most of this information will come naturally to you. However, it is my job to make you feel at ease. Also before the booking the booking, you can address to me any concern you may have.
  • With me what you except to get for you money?
  • Legally speaking I am giving you my time in exchange for a fee and what happens during that time is between us meaning we both are consenting adults. You should talk to me beforehand and agree with what’s really important to you.
  • What would you say when you ring me up?
  • The good idea is always to give my name unless you are a regular, ask if it’s convenient for me to talk. I may not want to say much if I am in supermarket or just busied with another client!
  • What would you do before the meeting?
  • Please prepare yourself for me in the same way respectful way you would for any partner. Have a shower you will get more pleasure from me. Although a small amount of alcohol is fine to steady nerves and relax you, please do not be drunk at the time of the booking. Breath smelling of drink is unpleasant,
    If you’re visiting me at my flat, try to arrive on time. If you arrive too early I my may not be ready for you, if you arrive late your meeting may have to be cut short if I have has another appointment to fulfil. It goes without saying that if I am coming to you, that you should be ready at the booked time.
  • Why would a respectable client behave badly?
  • We escorts get a lot of nuisance calls but it’s all part of the job and we should always be polite. Don’t ring the middle of the night or ask me over and over again for intimate details without any intention of seeing me. Some clients make dates and just don’t show up. They’re a pest. Don’t be one! If you ring and get an answering service, you may be tempted to leave your name and ask me to ring back.
  • What would you do or say at the meeting?
  • When you first meet me offer me a drink, have a chat and be courteous. Please don’t grope me the minute I walk through the door, you may be paying for my time but a small amount of respect now will pay large dividends later. Try not to ask personal questions about my life, I have a private life too and I will appreciate the same discretion that you expect and will receive. Stick to the old-faithful such as movies, TV, music or even crack a few jokes – We will soon find a common interest. After you have both relaxed and got to know each other you may decide you would like something a little more intimate.
  • Should you ask or talk about your fantasy?
  • Yes, the fees are for standard session, any fantasy such as bandage, uniform, spanking, etcÖhas an extra fee pay for attention on the Rates page on the site. I will no doubt ask you what type of pleasures you enjoy, if you would like to try something Have-not offered please ask. However, if my answer is no then that is final and please respect meís a wish. Remember that you are only paying for my time and company; anything else that happens now is a private arrangement between two consenting adults. I ask that you settle your payment with me on arrival to prevent any embarrassment later. If during the meeting you feel you would like to spend more time with me please ask, I will always agree if possible, but do remember that you will have to pay for any extra time and the fee is the exactly same as the first hour.
  • Should you ask for a bareback session?
  • Absolutely not! You would be naive to think that escorting is only about going out for a candle lit dinner! My clients and I need to be aware of the risks of unprotected sex (sex without a condom). I only practise safe sex and should never agree to do anything unsafe even if more money is offered.
  • Hopefully none of the tips above had not put you off!
  • My prime aim is to give you the ultimate in pleasure. I always do the very best of my ability to fulfil your need. I therefore look forward to pleasuring you soon.

Kind regards,

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