• Exchanging participation in sexual activities for money or other goods – has always been legal in the UK. The legal situation in England and Wales has changed over time, and keeps changing. A government consultation on sex work laws, paying the Price, was held in 2004 and the results were published in January 2006. Scotland and Northern Ireland are very similar overall but slightly different in the details.

    The 1967 Act that decriminalised same sexual acts between men specified they had to be ‘in private’, interpreted as between only two people, not involving anyone else or being seen by anyone else. May 2004, the introduction of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 means there have been several changes. It is now illegal to pay for otherwise legal sex with someone who is 16 or 17. Controlling someone under 18′s Sex worker is a more serious offence – no element of gain is necessary and the penalties are up to fourteen years in jail. Any fees that you paid is for my time and companionship only. And, anything else that arises is a private and discreet issue between you and me, due to the fact that we are both two consenting adults. Therefore, whatever happens behind close would be a decision of two consenting adults.

  • Deep inside our honest mind, I believe any of us, male or female may have a part of bisexuality. In any of us, it is a bit or part of bisexuality, depending on how we handle it, taking full advantage of that hidden pleasure or keeping it in the closet in the fear to become gay.

    In this day and age, the clients are less confused and fearful of recognizing and accepting their sexual preferences. Without discretion they may have never pressed on the question, “Am I bisexual?” The right answer is deep inside our honest mind. Bisexuality is much more a sexual preference. Any of us know that we have a high tolerance of ambiguity and we all have nonetheless represented the most complex state of sexual relatedness.

    Liking being pleasured from time to time by a person of the same sex does not in my knowledge qualify someone as gay or bisexual. Nearly 80% of the clients are either straight, happily married men or bisexual and only 20% are completely gay. By the way I am bisexual myself, yes it can be confusing and a bit difficult to understand, but that is the human nature and we cannot always logically explain why it is the way it is. Sometimes, I feel only wanted to have sex with a man and other times, I feel only wanted to have a great sex with a girl.

    The difference is that, when fancy a shag with a girl, she always need to be feeling emotionally connected with me in order to relax in my arms. However, with a man, it is purely sex and testosterone man to man with no need to be emotionally connected. That is one the reasons, the clients are largely straight, married and bisexual. They usually will like to pay a to an escort at a very early in the morning before going to work, or during a lunch break or earlier in the evening after leaving the office or later in the evening while their wives are asleep. They are from the social classes without exception they are all human like you and me despite the large bank balances. Remember the encounter is only for a sexual purpose and nothing else. At the end of the day, they will always go back to their wives and partners. It is just a moment to enjoy and exploring a different kind sex without prejudice. We are all only consenting adults having fun.

  • My aim is to always offer you a professional, discreet and first class where you will feel appreciated. Any money paid is for time and companionship only. Anything else that may occur is a confidential matter of personal choice between us two consenting adult only. Pleasing people. When I know someone is satisfied because of whatever service Iíve been able to provide (even if itís just hanging out), that makes me feel really good. And have the freedom I treat people the way I like to be treated. I love meeting men from all over the world.

    Be always aware that I only provide a business companionship and nothing else. I am not your boyfriend, or partner or your lover, I am escort or entertainer you have hired me to pleasure you. This sort of contract or agreement is STRICTLY a business DEAL between two consenting ADULTS. At the end of the day, you will go home to your wife or girlfriend or male partner and I may do the same if applicable. I am an escort and it is a job like any others. At that title, you must understand and appreciate that you are Not the ONLY client of the DAY! You may have not been the first or the last. In other words, I MAY have seen some before you, and still have others after you for adult entertainment. It is clearly only and only a business deal between you and me. Therefore, it is a business arrangement for an hour, couple of hours, overnight, day or weekend or more booking services.

    Escorting has given me an opportunity to meet people that I may not have otherwise. It is so great to be appreciated by so many people to whom you are giving pleasure. I am high top class escort I will NEVER agree to meet the client in the street corner, pubs or anywhere else except in a private and discreet place as previously agreed in advance. Traveling to airports such; Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton are always for a minimum of 2 hours services. However, outcall or hotels based in central London is free within the opening time of the metros. But when those metros are at their closing hours, then the expenses for hiring a taxi will be applied to the clients. I can be booked at anytime by telephone, discreet text messages or emails. I can provide a prompt ultimate and professional top out call services. From the UK call: 07984 844 844 and from abroad call: 0044 7984 844 844. Or send an email to vidal2@me.om.

    N.B: Please note I do no answer calls from private or withheld numbers.

  • The escorting and massaging business if for adults ONLY and hopefully Me and the CLIENTS would behave as such. Some clients will contact me to make a genuine booking. And, for some work or family reasons, they realized or found that they cannot make it. Instead of contacting me back to inform me with a cancellationís notice, they just do not do anything at all. That behaviour is not only disrespectful, it is also very UNCONSIDERATE. I do value the time and schedule of the client. Therefore, I always call me them back to announce them I am going to be late and simply if I cannot make it to their home or hotel. And I except for this reciprocity on both sides, mainly because we are both adults and is the way we adults behave with kindness and consideration with one to another. If the client do not call me back to cancel to enable me to accept another booking from someone else, I will save his telephone number so when he calls me next time, his call with NOT be answered.

    Other clients will contact me or book me months or weeks in advance. They will ask me if I am going to be in London in the next eight or five months. But how can I give you a right answer! Realistically it is impossible to provide you a correct answer. I do not and cannot if I am going to be in London in eight or five month time. I do travel the world a lot, therefore it would be inaccurate to answer you yes or no. Beware that before or after your call, someone else may call me and straight away provide me with an air ticket to fly to New York or Montreal or Geneva to be with him for days or weeks companionship. So I am never in control of my own schedule most of the time. It keeps changing all the time. I am a London based escort and I will recommend you NOT to attempt to book me until you arrive in London. My schedule can also sometimes be very flexible and I can be available during your stay in London. In that case I could be on my way to your hotel within an hour of your call.

  • I do accept all type of currencies as payment but you have to let me know in advance. Keep in mind that I calculate the exchange rate and a 10% surcharge will be applied. On how and when to pay varies from client to client. Some clients may have had bad experiences as a result they are more careful which is completely understandable. In this case, they would rather pay you at the end of the session. Other would always prefer to handle to you the money then they feel relax and at ease to enjoy the session. And another category of clients will always elegantly put the right amount of money on the table, or insert in an envelope with a or some handwriting nice and kind words about or just handle the cash to me, this within the first ten minutes of our meeting. That way, the money’s issue is resolved and we can now relax in enjoying our time together. For the credit card bookings, I will have a chip and pin machine when I arrive. The name on your credit card will be a discreet business name not associated with the adult industry. But either way or whatever options the client chooses or when they want to pay is always absolutely fine.

  • First of all, I would like to make something very clear once for all. I do NOT do DUO. However, I do couple and group sex. I have no friends in the escort circus and I have no desire to so. So please stop asking if I have escort friends. I am NOT even interested. I have nothing against anyone I just like to be discreet doing my own things. Due to the high profile figure of the clientele, the DISCRETION always has to be 100% GUARANTEED to protect their IDENTITIES. The clients concern is that they do want their ANONYMITY to be assured so I make sure that is respected. Beside, that I do have normal friends as well who do not know what I do in my spare time. And I intend to keep it that way.

    I sometimes, receive calls and emails requesting me to do a duo or I know someone to do a duo with. The answer is NO, and I absolutely have no desire of knowing any escort or anyone. But I am professional and I am providing a service if you have a desire to call another escort or anyone else that means you are two people, that is fine by me as long as you are prepared to pay the couples fee.

    In the case you have not remembered, it is very discreet business and 80% of the clients are all married and straights and gay and bisexual men already into a strong relation. Others are very famous, well-known Hollywood and European actors, television presenters, businessmen and sportsmen and other politicians and other personalities.

    At the end of the day, despite their high profile life, they still and remain just normal human like you and me. They have needs but most of all, what they always require is the DISCRETION to its MAXIMUM.

    From my part I always make sure that happens, because it also convenient for me personally to be super discreet. Therefore from time to time, they may want to experience a different kind of sex, they may desire to be a voyeur like watching been fucked or someone getting fucked or just getting fucked himself or herself or just masturbating while watching, meaning having or involving a third party in the sexual act. It could be their partner or someone like another escort. In that case, I am NOT doing duo, I am visiting you or seeing you as a couple, whether the other escort is not your real partner, for me it is relevant. It could be just another escort, your partner, your wife or your friend, whether he or she is the same room, doing nothing or watching or not watching, getting involved or not getting involved I charge and will ALWAYS charge the COUPLEíS FEE. So once again I do not do duo but as soon as you TWO INDIVIDUALS I charge a COUPLEíS FEE.

  • Incall is when you pay me a visit in my discreet and private flat or apartment. In order for me to accept an incallís booking, I will need your mobile telephone number and your first name, in case I may need to call you back to provide you more directions on my address. In order to accept an outcall, for a homeís visit, I will need your landline, postcode and full name.

    Outcall is when the client invites me to pay him a visit at his hotel or his home or his country. For a hotel visit, I will, the hotel’s name, postcode, full name under which you have made the booking. The hotel’s landline and your room number as I discreetly always call to check you are there.

    Dinner date from time to time, the fee is an outcallís fee. It usually last 2 to 3 hours or sometime more. And, the client can of course pay for extra time if desired.

    If you request me to travel long distance such as 40 minutes to visit you, then the minimum service would be for 2 hours. And if the duration of the travel or journey is more than 2 hours, then it will be for overnight or weekend services. Bear in mind that weekend are for 2 days and nights you may of course pay for more time if desired.

    An overnight goes from 11pm to 7am or from or from 10pm to 6am 10pm to 6am which about 9 hours of companionship.

    But if the client requests me earlier then we would discuss on the issue in order to fit his requirement. Whether you are calling me for an incall, outcall, dinner date, overnight, weekend, or travel. Do make sure you have not withholding your telephone number. Otherwise I will not answer your call. I need to know who is calling and what individual I am agreeing to meet up with. When you call me in the evening when the metro and trains have already closed then the travel expenses will have to be taken care of by you the client. Some clients are still asking how to make me fly to their countries and cities. Well, it is very simple, what you do. It is to go in the nearest travel agency in your town, previously ask for my full and personal first and surname, you then buy an air ticket. You will only have to give the reference of that ticket that way I will collect it at airport in London.

  • Indeed. Yes, I value your trust and privacy. Furthermore, the discretion is highly important to me. And, after the meeting, I will destroy all your information that you have supplied. I am a grounded person, honest, respectful with attitude free. I like to treat people in taking good care of personal information just like I would have like someone else to take good care of mine.

    The hotel reception is not and will never be where I fancy taking my cup of thee. Absolutely not, I am very professional. I am very discreet. So, I walk directly through the reception without asking question or stopping for directions. Also, I am always formally dressed. Smart, intelligent, full of energy, funny, understanding, easy going with a professional balance of all life can offer.

    However, when you are providing me FAKE IDENTITY or the identity of which you may made the hotel checking, then you are giving EXACTLY the reception staffs what you are trying to AVOID them to know, meaning that you giving them the doubt or the suspicion of why I am coming or I am there to visit you. So please just be reasonable and realistic. The hotel is an establishment where people hire for some period of the time, therefore, you are free to invite whoever you like during your stay. But by giving a fake name of identity to a person who is coming to visit you is not a wise idea. The people at the reception may question themselves why did you give a fake name in the first place, if you have nothing to hire. So be smarter and clever than them by providing me a name on which you have made the checking. Always provide the right first and surname I am only an escort who is there to provide you a great companionship and nothing. After our encounter, your identity is fully distraught.

  • My pictures and photos are my private properties. Therefore, they belong to me and only me. Despite the numerous notices already displayed on the site, I believe it is necessary to point out again the reasons behind those mini statements.

    Without been pretentious, I am young, I am sexy, I am good looking, I am sexy, I am muscular, masculine, I am strong, I am athletic, I am elegant, I am straight acting, I am desirable, I am smart, I am intelligent, I am educated, with a high bisexual sex drive but I am certainly I am NOT arrogant as some might think. I am just very realistic and extremely careful about the control of my images and pictures on the net. Also, I am having fun great fun through my escorting activities, without blindly compromising my life or my future because of the silly and stupidities of the young age.

    I am well aware of the risks involves in the business that is the reason I do not and will NEVER expose myself in such way. I am not a porno star and hundred percent escort who will be having a career in the escorting business. Absolutely not, I am young and only discreet enjoying my youth. So when I get old, I will be remembered to have fulfilling all my sexual fantasies. Not only for the fact I have other interests in life to protect, but also that as 99% of the clients I am and will always remain extremely discreet. So please, if you believe it is highly important for you to view the face of your date in advance then I may not be the guy for you. For all the reasons given, I do not and will NEVER send my very personal and private photos to the clients so I will appreciate your understanding for not asking on your booking form.

  • My health is priceless and will always be. I do not know you about you, but without judging anyone, I cannot imagine anything else on earth more important than playing safe. Because despite the fame and heavier bank balance, the poor health will always win. So I will always make sure to preserve and protect myself.

    N.B: It is unfortunate that I am still receiving emails and phone calls some clients requesting a bareback sex act. I am always shocked and very surprised by such demands. However, who am I to judge anyone to conscientiously decided not to protect himself or practise safe sex.

    I guess everyone has his own reason for doing so. I would appreciated so much not to be asked, because only it is a complete turn off for me, also, I would never put myself, my safety or my life in such a gambling position. All the precious diamond, gold and biggest apologies on earth would bring your health back as it was before. So please do only contact me if you also like only appreciate and enjoy safe sex. Again, I am open-minded and down to earth kind of guy without judgement on anyone. I just believe any of us has the right to choose of having safe and unsafe sex. As previously mentioned, my health and life worth more than anything else. And I would NEVER put myself in circumstance where I could regret for the rest of my existence on earth. So my health is priceless and safe will be my first and last option.

  • Some clients are still a bit confused and surprised that a fetishes session always requires an EXTRA fee charge. Indeed, the fee or price or charge for a standard session is always different from a fetish session. Meaning a fetish session is slightly more expensive than a normal session. There is always an extra charge or extra price if the client wants or asks a fetish companionship. For example, if a normal or standard sessions fee £130, then the fetishes session would have an extra charge of £30.

    A standard or normal session is when you make a booking without a special or specific In other words, you are booking a escorting or companionship session, which can be a non-erotic massage, erotic massage, or romantic companionship. Because no specific requirement has been made, I can therefore dress the way I like when I am expecting your visit and when I am visiting you at your home or your hotel.

    On the other hands, a kinky or fetish session means that you have specifically or specially requested me to wear something before your arrival or during the session or at the end of the session. It ranges one or more sexy male lingerie that you may have seen on my website; briefs, thongs, jockstraps, etcÖ Or leather, uniforms, military, etcÖ Or suits, casual dress code, rubbers, etc Or toys, boots, fisting, etc

  • Personally, I very cool about all kind of drugs. I do not need to take any but I am cool extremely cool about them. The reason I do not need them is because I love sex so much and I also have a high sex drive and I am always horny so I do not need anything else to fell horny. All I have always got is the poppers, because it is legal within the frame of the Britain’s law. For other types of drugs such as crystal or crack cocaine or Charlie or any other substances, it would be at your own risk to get them wherever you like. So please if you ever need them, do manage to get them yourself before contacting me for a booking.

    Some clients tend to ask me if I know a dealer or if I could get those drugs for them. Absolutely not, not only that I have known nobody sells such drugs, but also I do not know those dealers and I have no desire to know who they are. If you would like to meet me, and you are into more than poppers, then do make sure to you manage yourself to get whatever you need before booking me. A large majority of clients always have them, I have never asked because I have no interest. They enjoy very much being very high while having sex, which is great for their pleasure as they say. But I have no idea where to obtain them and I have no desire to do so. Feel free to get them whenever you need before contacting me, because I won’t be helpful or have a glue of where to find them if you requested my help. So do make sure you manage to obtain whatever substance you need for our before the meeting.