Your Attention: I do not accept bookings weeks in advance; just couple of hours would be enough. I do appreciate very much when you contact me while already in London.


  • It is realistic to acknowledge that you the client have to rebuild your erotic fantasy around the real situation so you are comfortable and enjoy the moment. And that moment will only get better with time and seeing the same person again and again. Because the more you get comfortable with a person on both sides the better is going to be. Naturally we all know that sex with someone on the first time to take time to meld into a perfect situation. And that is even when you are dating someone, we are all perfect strangers meeting for the first time with other and escorts etc. Yet we have high expectations of one another yet don’t put in our 100% to make the moment what it should be. Chemistry is going to be what it is going to be regardless of what you want to be.


  • A session sensual full body massage is to relax you, to de-stress you, to arouse you and to satisfy you. It is a combination of classical massage Swedish relaxing and deep tissue and erotic stimulation that uses touch full body contact for an emotionally pleasing response with particular emphasis on the erogenous zones – buttocks, anal area, prostate stimulation, inner thigh, nipples and finishing off with cock and balls massage. Performed nude and combines a therapeutic treatment with a stimulating experience to achieve both mental and physical release. Sensual massage is perfect for those who enjoy tactile stimulation. Most people tend to choose the more popular massage-styles like Swedish and deep tissue. Often other techniques will benefit you more.

Sexual Activities

  • I bring you high quality service and guarantee you will have an excellent experience seeing me. I am reliable, honest, and very discreet. I am meticulously selective to you the very best of sexual fantasy is appropriate to your need and request. You may have your own of idea about the dream man you wish to spend an evening with. My aim is to fulfil that. Whether you looking for special companion for a night or business travel, I am your perfect man to satisfy your desire for sensual pleasure and more. I can assure you that a total discretion, confidentiality and privacy at all time will be 100% guaranteed. I work hard, I play hard.
  • Black, cool, handsome, athletic, masculine, built, hung, confident, respectful, fearless, professional, hygienic, well proportioned body and very fun, a real man for a real man. I am into most sports. I am passionate by nature, casually into kissing and making out a lot always open to suggestions. I am here to respond to all your multiple fantasies. Expert at being intimate and sensual. Vida


  • All your fetish session will always remains FREE of charge:
  • Armpits, Boots, Chaps, Denim, Feet, Frottage, Hands, Jocks, Leather, Lingerie, Lycra, Muscles, Nipples, Rubber, Socks, Speedo, Suits, Toys, Trainer-Sneakers, Underwear, Uniform, Formal dress, Sports Gear, Skater
  • Skins & Punks, Techno-Raver. Bandage, Domination, Rape-Scene, Restraint Cuffs writs & Ankles, Worker & Toys of All Sizes. S&M Sadomasochism, Leather Master On Duty, Bandage, Punishment Scenario, Fisting, Ass-Play, Gloves-Play, Toys-Play, Massive Size toy-Play, Domination, Handcuffs, CBT Cock Ball Torture, Blindfolds, Nipple Play, Rape Scene, Forceful Fucking, Writs & Ankles Cuffed, Humiliation, Slave, Naughty Slut, Rough Play, Verbal, WaterSports, Force to Drink Piss, Captured & Tied up & Get Fucked Scenario, Aggressive Fuck, Wrestling Only at Your Place, Sneak-Play, Suit & Tie-Play, Air-Pilot Uniform-Play, Military Uniform-Play, Fire-fighter Uniform-Play

Client's Age

  • You are OLDER than Me. will that be a problem? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It shouldn’t be. BUT, I like and appreciate when you tell me your age ONLY if you LIKE to do so. Also if you’re disabled or have any special requests, talk to me about it first in our agreement. As a TOP and HIGH CLASS Escort I am very professional about my work. So my JOB should not be concerned about the age of their clients. However, I appreciate clients who are clean and don’t stink too much of alcohol, garlic or tobacco but skin a little would be surely fine.

Safe Sex Practise

  • Always. In fact, I have never had UNSAFE Sex. We would be NAIVE to think that escorting is only about going out for a candle lit dinner! Escort and client we need to be aware of the risks of UNPROTECTED SEX (sex without a condom). If an escort is offering BAREBACK SEX, just think what the consequences could be first. SO just RUN, RUN and RUN FAST! Maybe, just MAYBE he got SOMETHING to HIRE and it is exactly WHAT I will DO if a CLIENT makes the SAME OFFER to ME, I will RUN. I believe that all escorts amateur or professional TRULY should practise safe sex and should never agree to do anything unsafe even if more money is offered. I ALWAYS use STRONG CONDOMS and PLENTY of LUBRICANT for ANAL sex if the CLIENT is felling COMFORTABLE with Me and want to GO that far.

Leasure Activities

  • Board Games, Car companion, Cinema, Theatre, Opera etc., Clubbing, Comedy, Cooking, Dining out, DIY/Home improvement, Drawing, Fishing, Gambling, Gardening, Walking, Motor Bikes, Music, Painting, Shopping, Surfing the Web, TV, Travelling, Video Game, Video/DVD, Wine Tasting, Writing, Functions & Receptions

Sport & Fitness

  • Aerobics, Baseball, Basketball, Body Building, Cycling, Football/Soccer, Golf, Gym, Hiking, Horse Riding, Jogging, Sailing, Snooker/Pool, Swimming, Tennis, Walking, Weight Training, Wrestling