Your Attention: Remember I ONLY provide a friendly, warm, professional & perfect Companionship for your evening, nights & NOTHING else. So please make sure you purchase any substance you like BEFORE booking Me.


Name: Vidal Valois
Age: 32 Year Old
Nationality: Franco-British
Language: French & English
Ethnic Group: French Caribbean
High Education: Degree
Orientation: Bisexual
Professional: Discreet Companion
Services: Personal Services
Working Times: Part-Time
Entertainment: Escort-Masseur
Drink: Socially
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Drugs: Non-Drug-user
Know a drug Dealer: Never
Your Are A Drugs-User: It is Absolutely Cool With Me
Make Sure You Buy It: Before Booking Me
My Job Is For: Time & Companion Only
I Do Not Do Group Sex: But Do Two People & Couple
For Men Ages: Between 18 & 99 Year Old
Interested In: Straight, Gay, Bi & Couple
Meeting For: Man 2 Man Companionship
Purpose: Business Rendezvous Only
Do NOT Do Duo: However, I Do Couple


Private & Witheld Calls: Will Not Be Answered
Kensington & Chelsea: In Calls & Out Calls
Central London: In Calls & Out Calls
Greater London: In Calls & Out Calls
London All Main Airports: In Calls & Out Calls
Dinner Date Booking: To Last 3 Hours
Overnight Booking: To Last 8 Hours
Day Booking: To Last 14 Hours
Weekend Booking: To Last 2 Days & Nights
Airport Hotel Booking: To Last 2 Hours Minimum
England: I Do Travel Nationally
Wales: I Do Travel Nationally
Scotland: I Do Travel Nationally
Northern Ireland: I Do Travel Nationally
Europe: I Do Travel In All Countries
Canada: I Do Travel Internationally
United States Of America: I Do Travel Internationally
Preferred Method: Cash Payment
Cheques Not Accepted: Cash Only
Paid By Cards: Subjected To 15% Premium
International Travel: Must Send An Air Ticket
International Travel: Paid 40% Money Deposit


Look: Sexy & Handsome
Described As: Charming & Seductive
Allure: Elegant & Smart
Quality: Intelligent & Considerate
Behaviour: Courteous & Respectful
Attitude: Cool & Friendly
Good At Being: Romantic & Adventurous
Sensuality: Tenderly & Affectionate
Particularity: Loving & Caring
Particularity: Down to Earth & Easy Going
Humour: Funny & great sense Of humour
Best At: Open-Minded & Free Spirit
Attracted To: Uncomplicated People
Characteristics: Humility & Nonjudgmental
Friends like: My kindness & Generosity
Like Perfection: Unhurried & Take time To please
General Attire: Formal & Casual & More
Television: News & Documentaries & more
Movies: Educational & Romantic & more
Music: Blues & Jazz & Soul & R’n'B
Reading: Academic & History, etc…


Height: 5’10″ or 177 Cm
Neck Size: 16 Cm
Shoulders: 7.7 by 5.5 Cm
Chest Size: 45 Cm
Biceps Size: 17 Cm
Upper Arms: Firm
Waist Line: 30 Cm
Thighs Size: 25 Cm
Legs: Strong
Calves Size: 17 Cm
Feet Size: 11
Weight: 13.3 stones or 190 Ibs or 83 kgs
Body Type: Muscular
Body Muscles: Solid
Body Shape: Defined
Body Art Scars: None
Body Tattoos: None
Body Piercing: None
Body Hair: Hairy
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eyes Colour: Brown


Cock Inch: 8 Inches or 20 Cm
Dick Size: Large
Cut / Uncut: Cut
Thickness: Very Thick
Kissing: Mutual Attraction
Sexual Role: Active Or Top
Preliminary: Yes
Role-Play: Yes
Vanilla: Yes
Mild to Wild: Yes
Fucking: Yes & Always Gentle
Safe sex: Always Safe
Erotic Massage: Yes
Sexual Experience: Various Sex Fantasies
Sexual resistance: High Sex Drive
Sexual Intensity: Passion & Endurance
Sexual Performance: Energetic & Generous
Sexual Positions: Endless types
Sexual Mind: Naughty but Nice
Sexual Skills: Art of Pleasure



Sadomasochism: Abuse of Power
Sleaze & Fetish Session: Totally Free of charge
Sleaze & Fetish Session: Totally Free of charge
Leather Master On Duty: You must Say Yes Sir
Bondage: Bound and Beaten
Punishment Scenario: Shock Treatment
Fisting: Anal Assault
Ass-Play: Devil Fist
Gloves-Play: Born to Raise Hell
Toys-Play: Lighting Strikes
Massive Size toy-Play: High Endurance
Domination: Wrist & Ankles Restraints
Handcuffs: Blindfold & Collar & Gag
CBT (Cock Ball Torture): Cock & Balls Plays
Blindfolds: Ultimate Buckshot
Nipple Play: Rough Japanese Clovers
Rape Scene: Sex Pig’s Scene
Forceful Fucking: Ass Raped
Wrists & Ankles Cuffed: Defenseless Sex
Humiliation: Total Sexual Control
Slave: You must say Yes Sir
Naughty Slut: Nasty Bitch
Rough Play: Hard Fuck
Verbal: Dirty Mind
WaterSports: Piss in the Tub
Force to Drink Piss: Torrent of Piss
Captured & Fucked Scenario: Extreme Ride
Aggressive Fuck: Violent Penetration
Wrestling: Yes Only at Your Place
Sneak-Play: Dirty Fetish
Suited & Booted: CityBoy Sleeze
Air-Pilot Uniform-Play: Fuck Ass
Military Uniform-Play: Horny Ride
Fire-fighter Uniform-Play: Great Fuck