Two cop officers want to see each other fucked.

Two colleagues cops officers were very anxious to investigate each other’s pink and chocolate horny holes areas in depth. These two had been friends even before joining the forces. Had always fantasized about see each other been fucked in front of one and another. One being my client for years, have convinced his other colleague to come along and see what may happen.Therefore, one of them called officer James, booked two days earlier, one was tall, hefty, dark-haired and tattooed, and the other one called officer Jeff was a half-caste twink look like who seems most eager to grab his colleague’s knob. Soon after taking off our clothes and they went straight to my body.

Officer Jeff couldn’t resist exploring his well-built buddy’s boxer shorts where he finds a steaming hot cock that he hastens to suck with relish. Once he blew him thoroughly, most probably to try to suck up secret information, he got rid of his jockstrap in turn to get my dick and ass sucked. Mainly my cock, the urges of which take longer for his partner to fulfil than some proceedings. I then bend Jeff over and give him a hard penetration in one go, my cock just well lubricated just slide in his arse hole, his friend office James was delighted to me fucking in a horny and beautiful way his buddy.I don’t remember at what stage, on the instructions of Jeff, that I grab James, spreading his legs before tearing up their anus in doggy style with my cock, impaling both them on my cock and screwing one and another in every possible position. After having been thoroughly grilled, the suspects spontaneously confessed that they loved it and enjoyed very my contribution to their mutual fantasies.Officers James and Jeff will be forget my hard rock body and horny cock that rocked their pink and chocolate anuses.

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